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Head Softball Coach Mississippi State University
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Running the bases is one of the most overlooked aspects of softball (and baseball too). Coach Miller covers the fine points of base running in this series from the feet to eyes!

Softball: Baserunning Introduction

Baserunning is a simple and effective way to increase your teams offensive production. This segment has some great philosophy that will help you develop better baserunners.

Baserunning: Force the defense

If you can force the defense to make mistakes, you'll get more bases. Coach Miller covers some techniques to rattle the defense and get the extra bases.

Baserunning: Incorporating into Practice

Working baserunning into batting practice helps develop your offense and your defense.

Leads at First Base

Sprinter start or rocker start. What's quicker to the next base? Coach Miller covers these starts and you'll be surprised what the major variable is.

Leads at Second Base

You can get bigger and better leads at second base than you can at the other bases, which translates into more steals and more bases!

Leads at Third Base

Philosophy for aggressive baserunning and more conservative styles are covered. When you watch this segment, you'll begin to see the importance of paying attention and knowing your athletes.

General Baserunning Ideas

There's a wealth of "tidbit" information in this video. When to slide. Where to run and other "what do I do?" answers.

Pass Balls and Balls in the dirt

The ball in the dirt or a pass ball are the baserunners dream come true. Your runners should know in advance what they are looking for and what to do.

Baserunning Drill: 4 3 2 1

The 4 3 2 1 drill is an aggressive and fun drill that works your kids and teaches them the fundamentals and aggression they need to be better baserunners.

The Dont's

This series is full of positives, but sometimes we've got to bring up the negatives to aid the learning process.