SoftballSkills: The Sacrifice Slap Bunt and Softball Slap Hitting

Brad Irwin all by Brad Irwin

Assistant Softball Coach University of Tennessee at Chatanooga
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The Sacrifice Slap Bunt and Softball Slap Hitting are the focus of this softball skills series. Understanding when to use each type of hit and the proper technique for executing them, make the sacrifice bunt and softball slap hitting valuable parts of your team's success. This series takes us through the mechanics of both types of hits and discusses what a batter's goal is with each.

Softball Sacrifice Slap Bunt

The sacrifice slap bunt is just that - a scrifice. The bunter must understand that she is "out" and that the intention is NOT to get on base. In this softball segment, Coach discusses the fundamentals of the sacrifice slap bunt and demonstrates the proper technique for hitting a sacrifice slap bunt and keeping the ball fair.

Softball Slap Hitting Drills

The "slapper" starts further back in the box with a crossover step to the front while connecting with the softball. The object of softball slap hitting is to wear out the hole between the short stop and third baseman. In this segment the proper technique for softball slap hitting is demonstrated.

Softball Skills: Slap Hitting Drills

First using a tee drill, players work on slap hitting. The tee allows players to isolate the contact position and work on follow-through. The Front Toss Drill continues slap hitting work, but adds footwork to the practice session.