Slap Hitting

Beth Mullins all by Beth Mullins

Assistant Softball coach UAB
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Slap hitting is a different technique to say the least, but what kind of athlete do you turn into a slap hitter? Why would you want to slap hit and where do you put them in your batting order?

Slap Hitting Overview

Coach Mullins gives us an overview of slap hitting and the things a coach should look for in a slap hitter.

Some Technique

Working from the feet all the way up to the hands, Coach Mullins covers some of the techniques she uses as she develops a slap hitter.

Developing Skills

Developing the skills requires concentration and focus, but it all balances on the timing of the slapper. If you aren't running when you make contact, you're losing the slapping advantage.

Reinforcing Skills

You've got to reinforce slap hitting skills for them to be effective. Plus, there's a few more tidbits covered in this video that give you some great information.

The Lineup

What kind of athlete do you turn into a slap hitter? Where do you put them in your lineup and do you have the nerve to build a slap hitter?