Softball Sliding Techniques

Marla Townsend all by Marla Townsend

Head Coach UAB Women's Softball
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"It's a softball players job to get on the base," says Coach Marla Townsend, Head Softball Coach for the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Sliding is one skill that will help players do just that. Coach discusses Sliding techniques in this softball video set. It's not just knowing HOW to slide correctly, it's also knowing WHEN to slide (and when not to). Coach discusses the need to incorporate sliding into your softball practice, minimizing injury, reading the defense, and describes various slides as they're demonstrated in different game situations.

Softball Sliding Techniques Part One

Coach Townsend discusses various topics related to Sliding skills in this first Softball Sliding Techniques video. Practice techniques, protective gear, injury prevention and treatment, and reading the defense are all part of this information packed segment.

Softball Sliding Techniques Part Two

Now it's time to hit the dirt! Different Softball Sliding Techniques are demonstrated in this softball instructional video. Coach notes proper hand, head, and body position as the you watch the slide in regular and slow motion. Real game situations frame the action, as you learn the keys to using Sliding effectively.