Softball Outfield Drills

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Outfielders must be able to run, catch and throw, but they'll need to work with each other and change directions quickly too. Here's some softball outfield drills to help develop those skills that apply to both softball and baseball.

Diving Safety

Diving is necessary if you're determined to turn a double into an out. Here's some points you need to think about before you encourage your kids to stretch out.

Change of Direction softball outfield drills

Softball outfield drills that help the athlete develop quick feet and the ability to change directions it's a fun drill to do!

Coordination Drill

Two athletes working to catch balls that are thrown to them. They'll have to communicate and cooperate to catch the balls that are thrown to them.

About Coaching

What is a coach? Why coach? If you're a coach you need to watch this video because you'll be surprised how you are looked at.