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Mississippi State Softball pitching coach, Bo Reid covers softball drills and tips that will help you develop your softball bullpen.

Training Tools and Tips (Pitching)

Bo Reid takes a look at two tools that his team uses to measure ball speed and hand strength.

Training Tools and Tips, Continued

This video provides tips and tools to help train and evaluate your pitcher's rise balls, screw balls, and spins and snaps by using various goody-bag items, such as weighted balls, tennis balls, footballs, etc.

Four Corners and Strings Drills

Coach Bo Reid takes a look at the Four Corners and String drills, which are exercises that any pitcher can use to improve the accuracy of their screw balls, fast balls, curve balls, change ups, etc.

Plus 3 Drill

A drill for the pitcher and catcher to work together on, the Plus 3 exercise focuses on combining softball pitch styles, accuracy, and speed together in a competitive way.

Bulldog Exercise

A fun mix between the Plus 3 drill and basketball's HORSE, this exercise competitively trains two or more pitcher's accuracy and softball speed at the same time; great for time-limited practices on or off the softball field. This video also looks exercises to increase rotation, power, and speed by using the tools mentioned in the Training Tools videos above.

Fixing Problem Pitches

Coach Reid gives you the tools and exercises he uses to work on various pitching problems from lazy hands and snaps to problems with getting the softball to spin just right by using light balls, hand slaps, weighted balls, etc.

Speed Vs. Control

How much is too much when it comes to pitching? What isn't enough? Coach Reid answers these questions, and talks about ways to increase pitching stamina and stability through regular practice plans. He also addresses the speed versus control question.


Don't fight fatigue, use it! Coach Reid explains the positive side of having tired pitchers, and discusses ways that it can actually be useful when it comes to drills and exercises.