Softball throwing drills to reinforce sound softball skills and techniques

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Good throwing mechanics are essential to play at the college level. But, often proper throwing techniques and the value of effective throwing are not emphasized enough in softball today. This softball throwing drills video series explains the importance of effective throwing techniques to the overall success of the team and the player. Beginning with the basics of the grip, Coach goes through all aspects of throwing, including the importance of receiving the ball in correct position. This softball throwing drills series is great for coaches and players.

Softball Throwing Skills: The Importance of Proper Throwing Technique

Coach Martin begins this softball clinic by discussing the importance of throwing. Too often in softball, there's not enough focus on the mechanics of throwing and receiving. As a result, many players don't develop proper techniques or arm strength that can really make for a successful team. Coach explains why effective throwing is essential in this softball throwing drills introductory video.

Softball Throwing Skills: The Grip

A good throw begins with a proper grip on the softball. In this softball throwing drills video, Coach demonstrates the proper grip and initial throwing mechanics. Once the softball is positioned correctly on the pads of the fingers, Coach demonstrates the proper body position for the Drop, and then proper elbow position during the turn. This is a great softball throwing fundamentals video.

Softball Throwing Drills: Follow-Through and Receiving Positions

Elbows high. Fingers in the sky. Wave bye-bye. It's the bye-bye, or the follow-through that makes the throw by determining the spin and velocity of the softball. Coach covers the details of a good follow-through. Then, he discusses how essential a good Receiving Position is to proper throwing. A good athletic stance, both hands in front ready to make the catch, going to the ball, rather than away all contribute to a good catch...and a good catch makes for a good throw.

Softball Throwing Skills - The Swim

For a good throw, both arms need to be in the same slot when bringing the ball down. It's called the Swim - come straight down in straight circle with one arm following the other. This prevents throwing across the body and maximizes power. Coach demonstrates the proper throwing technique in this softball throwing drills video.

Softball Throwing Skills: The Front Arm

What's does the Front Arm do to assist the throw? Momentum! Use the gloved front arm to create momentum. Pull it down and walk through your finish. Coach shows you how with great softball throwing drills.

Softball Throwing Skills: Release Point and Follow-Through

With these softball throwing drills, coach demonstrates the point during the throw when the player should release the softball and how to walk through the throw for maximum power. This allows the thrower to use that momentum to go toward the target.

Softball Throwing Drills: The Flip Drill

Most softball players are familiar with the softball throwing drills called the Flip Drill. It's an important drill that most teams use at the beginning of every practice. But, often the drill isn't done correctly. In this softball throwing drills video, Coach shows the proper way to do the Flip Drill to improve essential throwing skills.

Softball Throwing Skills: Throwing and Receiving Drills

First without a glove and still on one knee, then gloved and standing. Coach continues to work with these softball players on throwing technique and accuracy.