Power Lifting

Power cleans, squats and some things you haven't seen! Dave Williams, Associate Strength and Conditioning Coordinator at Liberty University.

Olympic Weightlifting

Don McCauley, USAW regional coach, crossFit Level I coach covers Olympic Weightlifting, the key to power.

The Tier System

Here you will find details about the "tier system" for strength training that you can adapt to your program so you can build stronger, healthier athletes.

Using CrossFit For Conditioning

Cross Fit is working its way into high school strength and conditioning programs.

Olympic Lifting: Pros and Cons

Olympic Lifting like anything else, has pros and cons.

Ga Southern Strength & Conditioning

The philosophy of your athletic program should filter down to your strength program.

Simplified Weight Program Design

Matt Ely covers smiplified weight program design for a high school strength program along with the importance of properly implementing your program.

Weight Training for Strength

Tony Kunczewski of LaGrange College covers multiple aspects of a strength program and gives you ideas that any high school coach can incorporate into their prog

The Power of Coaching: The Coach's Role

What is the role of a coach? Seems obvious doesn't it? Wish it were that easy.

Body Weight Training

Body weight training is a great way to teach form and technique to your athletes and while it's not a replacement for free weights in the weight room, it's a gr

Championship Strength Programs

Winning a state championship starts long before the season, and often it starts in the weight room.

GT Strength and Conditioning

Bigger, faster stronger is a great buzzword, but to get while preventing injuries takes a bit more.

Agility Training

Neal Peduzzi of Georgia Tech covers some of the agility training techniques and drills used at Georgia Tech to help build bigger, faster and stronger athletes.

Strength Training: High School Program Design Simplified

Zach Reed covers the design of a strength program that you can use to develop strong athletes that peak DURING the season.

Resistance Band Training

Resistance Band Training offers a great, low cost alternative to some weight training to build strength in legs and upper body.

Body Weight Warm ups

We hear it all the time ".

Weight Vest Training

Tristan Tillette of Elite Sports Performance demonstrates Weight Vest Training in this video segment.

Performance Programs - Strengthening & Conditioning

Tristan Tillette of Elite Sports Performance answers MyCoachOnline's questions about Performance Programs.

Youth Sports Seminars-Mental Approach to Youth Sports

This video series is part of the Youth Sports Seminars presented by the Huntsville Park and Recreation Department.

Youth Sports Seminar-Dealing with Youth Sports Injuries

The Youth Sports Seminar Series-Dealing with Youth Sports Injuries is offered by the Huntsville Park and Recreation Department as a way to educate parents and h

Beating The Heat

Heat and summertime just go together and when we play outdoors, staying cool can be tough.

NCAA Compliance Issues

Complying with NCAA rules can be a daunting task, and this series covers everything from grades to commitments.

Coaching: A Life of Leadership

"The first obligation of leadership is to be able to accurately interpret reality.

Weight Training

You'll find a wealth of information in this weight training talk by Leo Wright.

Sports Safety: Stretching

There are various components to the warm-up and cool down in daily practice and on game day.

What Is a Coach Looking for in a Player?

Judy Green, Head Volleyball Coach at the University of Alabama, discusses the attributes she looks for in athletes.

Proper Nutrition for Athletes


The Power of a Coach: Is It Important to Make Parents Aware of the Expectations You Have as a Coach?

In this coaching video, UAB Softball Coach Marla Townsend discusses how essential it is to make expectations clear to both parents and athletes.

What Do Coaches Look for When Recruiting Athletes?

The answer may surprise you.

The Power of a Coach: Lessons Beyond the Scoreboard

What's the most important thing a coach ever taught you? That's what we asked John Croyle.

Baseball Field Maintenance

Baseball Coach Mike Lane of the University of North Alabama covers a lot of ground in this Field Maintenance video series.

The Power of a Coach: Why Should I Coach Youth Ball?

Coaching youth ball can be a challenge.

The Power of a Coach: Which Coach Had the Greatest Influence on You?

John Croyle discusses the coaches that had had the most influence on his life, as an athlete, a person, and a parent.

The Role of the Parent: Life Lessons for Athletes

What one life lesson did you learn from you parents? That's what MyCoachOnline asked Judy Green, Head Volleyball Coach at the University of Alabama.

The Power of a Coach: The Parent's Role in Letting Go

John Croyle discusses the parent's role in ensuring that a child is in the care of a coach with integrity, who really cares about the athletes in his or her cha

The Role of The Parent: What Are the Values Children Gain from Competition?

Appropriate competition, not just in sports, but in life, help us reach our goals.

The Role of the Parent: What's Important to Your Child?

Do you believe it's important to your child to win the game? Probably.

The Role of the Parent In Sports: What Do You Do If Your Child's Interest Are Different Than Your Own?

When John Croyle's son was born he looked built for football.

The Role of the Parent in Sports: Dealing with a Coach Who Doesn't Lead

How do you deal with a coach who isn't a leader? John Croyle discusses the characteristics of a leader and the decisions parents face when a coach lacks leaders

The Role of the Parent in Sports: Winning and Losing

The most important thing a parent can teach young athletes about winning and losing is that BOTH are equally positive if you use the opportunity to learn.

The Role of the Parent: How Do you Handle a Child Who Wants to Quit?

How do you handle a child who wants to quit after the season begins? Why does it matter if your child quits? John Croyle gives advice on why it's so important

Metabolic Function in Athletic Training: VO2 Max and Lactic Acid


Training Athletes: Recovery Time and Performance

Why is recovery time so essential? How much recovery time is enough? It depends on the athlete.

Heat-Related Illness: What Coaches, Parents, and Athletes Need to Know

"Heat Stoke is a fatal condition," explains Dr.

The Role of the Parent in Sports: What Do Young Athletes Get Out of Sports?

What do you as a parent want your child to get out of playing sports? We know we want our kids to enjoy playing youth sports: the thrill of competition, the ph

Coaching Your Child's Team

It's tough being a coach.

Keeping Athletes Healthy: The Importance of Hydration

Keeping athletes properly hydrated is essential to safety and health.

The Ant Video

Remember that song we used to sing as kids? "Once there was a little old ant, who thought he'd move a rubber tree plant.

Role of the Parent: Talking to Your Child After a Poor Performance

What do you say to your young athlete after he or she hasn't played well during a game? John Croyle suggests an honest, yet positive, approach to talking with

NCAA Compliance

If you're an athlete interested in playing at the college level, you need to review this section.

Heat Stroke - It's Not JUST a Game

Heat Stroke is the term most people use.


Playing the game is great, but you're going to need cold hard cash to pay officials, maintain your field and turn the lights on.

Motivational Topics

Whether you are a coach, an athlete, a parent, or a sports fan, you have those days where you wonder if you even want to make the next game.

Mound maintenance

We were there when the mound at Mississippi State was uncovered after the winter and here are some tips from the fieldmaintenance experts at Warner's Athletic C