Agility Training

Neal Peduzzi all by Neal Peduzzi

Player Development Assistant Georgia Tech
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Neal Peduzzi of Georgia Tech covers some of the agility training techniques and drills used at Georgia Tech to help build bigger, faster and stronger athletes. This is a great series that will give you information that you can incorporate into your program today.

Strength and Agility

To build bigger, faster and stronger athletes, you must understand the basics of your game and you've got to understand how the body stores and uses energy. This segment gives you those building blocks to help you build agile athletes.

Agility: Stations and Drills

Agility lends itself to moving your athletes through stations and there are a LOT of different drills you can use at each station. This segment gives an overview of stations and drills for ladders, cones, bags and reaction.

Agility Training: Overtime

Overtime is when your athletes have to reach down and count on their character to win the game. This video covers some "overtime drills" to help build that character.

Agility Training: Expectations and Tidbits

Expecting the best from your athletes and having a tool chest of tidbits, will help keep interest in agility workouts high.

Agility Training: Some Drills

This segment shows video of many great agility drills that you can use in your program and coach Peduzzi offers insight on the drills as they are show.