Championship Strength Programs

Jamie Glover all by Jamie Glover

Head Strength And Conditioning coach Shady Creek High School
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Winning a state championship starts long before the season, and often it starts in the weight room. Coach Glover covers the program that they've used to build their championship program.

Strength Philosophy

Your philosophy guides your actions and your teams philosophy needs to be reflected in the weight room. This is a discussion on bringing your field philosophy into the weight room.

Focus Areas

When your time is limited and your goals big, you MUST be focused on building your athletes without wasting any time at all.

In-Season Workouts

Your athletes should be stronger at the end of the season than they are at the beginning of the season. Here's some ideas to continue to make your athletes stronger as the season progresses.

Weight Room Lifting

Techniques for doing the actual lifts you'll be doing in the weight room are covered in this part of the series.

More Demos & Mat Drills

This is a continuation of the demonstrations of some of the weight room exercises that will make your athletes stronger.

Mat Drills & New Things

Mat drills build toughness in your athletes and improve their skills. It's tough to find something to write here...but it's more exercise demos.

Build Agility and Speed

More mat drills to develop agility and speed during the off season.