The Tier System

Here you will find details about the "tier system" for strength training that you can adapt to your program so you can build stronger, healthier athletes.

Using CrossFit For Conditioning

Cross Fit is working its way into high school strength and conditioning programs.

Olympic Lifting: Pros and Cons

Olympic Lifting like anything else, has pros and cons.

Simplified Weight Program Design

Matt Ely covers smiplified weight program design for a high school strength program along with the importance of properly implementing your program.

Weight Training for Strength

Tony Kunczewski of LaGrange College covers multiple aspects of a strength program and gives you ideas that any high school coach can incorporate into their prog

The Power of Coaching: The Coach's Role

What is the role of a coach? Seems obvious doesn't it? Wish it were that easy.

Body Weight Training

Body weight training is a great way to teach form and technique to your athletes and while it's not a replacement for free weights in the weight room, it's a gr

Championship Strength Programs

Winning a state championship starts long before the season, and often it starts in the weight room.

GT Strength and Conditioning

Bigger, faster stronger is a great buzzword, but to get while preventing injuries takes a bit more.

Strength Training: High School Program Design Simplified

Zach Reed covers the design of a strength program that you can use to develop strong athletes that peak DURING the season.

Performance Programs - Strengthening & Conditioning

Tristan Tillette of Elite Sports Performance answers MyCoachOnline's questions about Performance Programs.

Youth Sports Seminars-Mental Approach to Youth Sports

This video series is part of the Youth Sports Seminars presented by the Huntsville Park and Recreation Department.

Weight Training

You'll find a wealth of information in this weight training talk by Leo Wright.

Baseball Field Maintenance

Baseball Coach Mike Lane of the University of North Alabama covers a lot of ground in this Field Maintenance video series.

Coaching Your Child's Team

It's tough being a coach.