Baseball Field Maintenance

Mike Lane all by Mike Lane

Head Baseball Coach University of North Alabama
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Baseball Coach Mike Lane of the University of North Alabama covers a lot of ground in this Field Maintenance video series. Maintaining a baseball field is a lot of work. It can be really tough at the High School and Youth League level where resources are often scarce. This series offers tips for getting the resources needed to maintain the field. You'll also get detailed information on all aspects of caring for the baseball field, including the proper dimensions for the Pitcher's Mound. This is a great series for coaches at any level.

Field Maintenance: Resources

Maintaining a baseball field is a lot of work. It can be even tougher at the high school and youth league level where resources can be hard to come by. Coach offers practical tips for identifying resources and organizing players and parents to assist with field maintenance.

Field Maintenance: Grass

Taking care of the grass on the baseball field is a year round project. From seeding to weeding to mowing, this video discusses all aspects of caring for the field grass.

Field Maintenance: The Pitcher's Mound

Creating the Pitcher's Mound can be tricky. In this segment you'll find the specific measurements for creating the mound and tips on mound formation and up-keep.

Field Maintenance: The Daily Routine

Coach discusses the maintenance that is required daily in order to keep your field in shape for game day. Checking the bases and the Mound, checking the bullpen mounds, and dragging the field are just a few of the tasks that Coach and his players perform every day.

Field Maintenance: The Warning Track

A good Warning Track is essential to player safety. Coach discusses the composition of the Warning Track and how to keep the track in good condition.