Heat Stroke - It's Not JUST a Game

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Heat Stroke is the term most people use. But did you know that Heat Stroke is the last stage of Heat Related Illness? Unfortunately, most of us know far too little about the earlier stages of Heat Related Illness - the stages where awareness and quick action can actually prevent Heat Stroke. Knowledge of the symptoms and treatment of Heat Related Illness can literally mean the difference between like and death. In this video series, Steven Brobst of Champion Sports Medicine goes through the signs and treatment of each stage of Heat Related Illness, as well as how to avoid heat injuries. In this series you'll also find information on general Emergency Preparedness and safety issues related to nutritional supplements and steroids. Learn how the National Center for Sports Safety can serve as a resource for your athletic program. The primary goal of a winning team is safety.

Heat Related Illness

Heat is a killer that most of us know way too little about. From Heat Cramps to Heat Exhaustion to Heat Stroke - each stage of Heat Related Illness has distinctive symptoms. Responding quickly AND correctly is essential. Learn the signs and symptoms of Heat Related Illness and each stage and how to treat them. A MUST SEE for everyone.

Avoiding Heat Related Illness

Every year somewhere in the United States there is a heat related death on an athletic field. Learn what you can do to prevent Heat Related Illness. Know how to monitor players and teammates for signs of trouble. What kinds of liquids are best for athletes to drink? What are the best ways to cool down an athlete showing signs of Heat Related Illness? What difference does the heat index make when scheduling practice? For the safety of your athletes, this is a video you need to see.

Emergency Preparedness

Do you think you're ready in the event of a medical crisis on the field? For the safety of your athletes, an emergency plan should not be an after-thought. When an emergency happens, a quick response can mean the difference between a good outcome or a tragic one. But having an emergency plan is not enough, it has to be communicated to everyone involved with the team - BEFORE there's an emergency. Steve Bropst gives a brief rundown of things that each person on a field should know.

Nutritional Supplements and Steroids

Nutritional Supplements and Steroid use are becoming more prevalent even in athletes at the middle school level. Are nutritional supplements ever safe? What do you do if you think one of your athletes is using steroids? Learn some basics in this video so the kids you coach stay healthy....and alive!

National Center for Sports Safety

Safety is a critical issue and NCSS is the premiere organization designed to raise the level of safety in sports. This video is a quick overview of how NCSS can help in your program. For more information, contact Coach Woods directly at 1-866-508-NCSS.