Coaching: A Life of Leadership

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Head Basketball Coach
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"The first obligation of leadership is to be able to accurately interpret reality." ~ Jimmy Tillette, Head Basketball Coach, Samford University. It is always such an inspiration to listen to Basketball Coach Tillette. His passion for coaching and grasp of the power of a coach is overwhelming. This video series isn't about basketball, it's about the power of a coach...about making a difference. Tillette does discuss various aspects of coaching staff strategies, practice plans, and recruitment, but the real value of this video series is in listening to a true leader share remarkable insights into what it means to BE a leader in the ultimate sense of the word. Coaching is an awesome responsibility. Never take it lightly.

Coaching: A Life of Leadership - Part One

Coaching. Teaching. Parenting. Mentoring. So many different words to describe the commitment that many adults take on each and every day. Coach Tillette starts out this video series by sharing the lessons learned from the coaches that influenced him the most. Coach also shares insights into how to approach sports with pre-teens, and discusses the first obligation of leadership.

Coaching: A Life of Leadership - Part Two

What is it that brings a team together? How does a coach measure success? What's the most challening aspect of the season? Those are some of the questions we asked Coach in this segment. The answers may surprise you. It's the answer to the question, "What are you going to do when the air is out of the basketball?" Watch this video to understand the question and the impact of the answer.

Coaching: A Life of Leadership - Part Three

"Failure to inform oneself." That is one of the adages that Coach uses with his players and coaches. Players have to learn fundamentals and then judgement. Here, Coach discusses the personality that succeeds in coaching and the coaching approach his staff uses to help their players succeed. Staff meeting schedules and practice plans are also included in this insightful segment.

Coaching: A Life of Leadership - Part Four

Once again using intellect and wit, Coach Tillette inspires us with his sincere desire to be a true leader. Coach discusses the challenges of the basketball season, including helping players understand the value of personal accountability and discipline. "Celebrate the one who holds you accountable," because that is someone who cares about your success.

Coaching: A Life of Leadership - Part Five

How important is good communication with your players? Coach talks about the difference in coaching across time, the need for knowledge and the ability to persuade through action and language. Tillette shares his wisdom regarding the communication and leadership responsibilities of a coach.

Coaching: A Life of Leadership - Part Six

We challenged Coach in this final segment because there was still so much we wanted to know! Here Coach discusses the teaching aspects of coaching: how to build support for your program in the community, recruitment strategies, and advancement in coaching. Whew! But as always, the discussion is one of tremendous insight and personal accountability (and we even end on the role of humor in coaching. Ha ha!)