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Whether you are a coach, an athlete, a parent, or a sports fan, you have those days where you wonder if you even want to make the next game. We all have days like that. Youth athletics requires a lot of commitment, time, work, and often without a great deal of pats on the back. That's why motivation is so essential to playing well, and enjoying playing. Ready to get fired up? Just watch these videos!


What is the purpose of athletics? Why play? Do you have a passion for the game? Been told you are to small, weak or slow? This one is for you.

Motivation by Houston Kennedy

Passion. Determination. Education. Hard Work. Seizing Opportunities. What do they have in common?


Even an underdog who does not know the meaning of quit, and makes the 2nd, 3rd and 4th efforts can sometimes hit pay dirt!


There is more value to athletics than just a few hours of glory on a field, court or mat. The lessons learned follow for life and it is important kids learn the discipline and commitment that athletic involvement teaches at an early age.