Proper Nutrition for Athletes

Wanda Swiger all by Wanda Swiger

Professor of Human Performance Huntingdon College
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Dr. Wanda Swiger, Athletic Trainer for Huntingdon College, discusses proper nutrition for athletes in this video series. Proper nutrition, which includes hydration, is essential to keeping athletes safe. But, it's also essential for success. How much and what types of foods and fluids athletes should consume are covered, as well as when players should eat and drink. This is a valuable video series for coaches, players, and parents.

Proper Nutrition for Athletes: Hydration

Proper nutrition includes proper hydration. Knowing when to begin hydrating for an athletic event, what to drink, and how much to drink are essential to keeping athletes safe. Dr. Swiger discusses all of this, including what fluids athletes should stay away from before and during the game.

Proper Nutrition for Athletes: The Pre-game Meal

Eating the right food at the right time allows an athlete to draw on stored energy during a game or practice. In this video segment, Dr. Swiger discusses when and what athletes should eat before competition.

Proper Nutrition for Athletes: Eating During Competition

Eating during competition is a lot different than the pre-game meal. Dr. Swiger discusses the various types of foods or snacks that are often used for "fast" energy, such as nutrition bars or candy bars, and whether they actually help or hurt the athlete.

Proper Nutrition for Athletes: The Carbohydrate - Protein Balance

Proteins can't be stored by the body for use during increased activity. Carbohydrates can. That's why athletes need to consume more carbohydrates than protein when preparing for competition. The percentage of carbs versus protein and the amount of food in total an athlete should consume are discussed in this video.