Olympic Weightlifting

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Don McCauley, USAW regional coach, crossFit Level I coach covers Olympic Weightlifting, the key to power. For more information about Coach McCauley, click here. This series covers the theory on a white board then backs it up with a live demonstration of several olympic lifts.

Olympic Lifts: Power Lift Zones

A areas of your lifting movement are different and you must adjust your lift speed accordingly. This section has white board diagrams backed up by live demonstrations.

Olympic Weights: Overview & Technique

A lot of the information you'll find about olympic lifts is outdated and just plain wrong. Here's some cautions about what you'll see and some ideas about what you should do.

Olympic Lifts: Power Circle Concept

The power circle isn't true or accurate, but it's a great way to get the behavior you're looking for when you're lifting.