Power Lifting

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Associate Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Liberty University
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Power cleans, squats and some things you haven't seen! Dave Williams, Associate Strength and Conditioning Coordinator at Liberty University.

Overview Of Liberty University Strength

Gains are the measure we use to gage a program success, but even if you have a great program and the kids avoid the fundamentals...you won't get the strength gains you should

More Power From Your Hips

Drills for power lifting may sound strange, but sometimes it takes drills in order to teach the muscles to work the right way.


Power clean, front squat then hang clean. Then clean pull to the shrug, then finishing with a squat clean.

Stretching joints...

Still working stretches and techniques that you can use to train your athletes joints and muscles.

Finishing Up The Program

Finishing up the strength program overview that helps your athletes get bigger, stronger and helps prevent injuries.