Sports medicine video, learn how to keep your team healthy

Olympic Weightlifting

Don McCauley, USAW regional coach, crossFit Level I coach covers Olympic Weightlifting, the key to power.

Resistance Band Training

Resistance Band Training offers a great, low cost alternative to some weight training to build strength in legs and upper body.

Body Weight Warm ups

We hear it all the time ".

Weight Vest Training

Tristan Tillette of Elite Sports Performance demonstrates Weight Vest Training in this video segment.

Youth Sports Seminar-Dealing with Youth Sports Injuries

The Youth Sports Seminar Series-Dealing with Youth Sports Injuries is offered by the Huntsville Park and Recreation Department as a way to educate parents and h

Beating The Heat

Heat and summertime just go together and when we play outdoors, staying cool can be tough.

Sports Safety: Stretching

There are various components to the warm-up and cool down in daily practice and on game day.

Proper Nutrition for Athletes


Metabolic Function in Athletic Training: VO2 Max and Lactic Acid


Training Athletes: Recovery Time and Performance

Why is recovery time so essential? How much recovery time is enough? It depends on the athlete.

Heat-Related Illness: What Coaches, Parents, and Athletes Need to Know

"Heat Stoke is a fatal condition," explains Dr.

Keeping Athletes Healthy: The Importance of Hydration

Keeping athletes properly hydrated is essential to safety and health.

Heat Stroke - It's Not JUST a Game

Heat Stroke is the term most people use.