Sports Safety: Stretching

Wanda Swiger all by Wanda Swiger

Professor of Human Performance Huntingdon College
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There are various components to the warm-up and cool down in daily practice and on game day. The most essential component to avoid injury and maximize performance is proper stretching. In this video series, proper stretching is discussed both during the season and in the off-season. The off-season is a high risk time for injury. Athletes often abandon the stretching routine before and after work-outs during this time and that's a bad thing!

Stretching: Pre-and Post-Game Activity

In this video segment, Dr. Swiger discusses the various components of the pre-game warm-up and the post-game cool down, especially stretching. Stretching safely is essential to avoiding injury. Dr. Swiger discusses how to stretch safely to avoid injury to the muscle.

Stretching: Individual Work-outs

Injuries related to training often occur in the off season or in the weight room. Why? Because unlike pre- and post-game warm-ups, athletes often forget the importance of a proper warm-up that includes stretching. Dr. Swiger discusses stretching essentials in non-game settings and the variations in recovery for individual athletes.