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Eric Ciano all by Eric Ciano

Player Development Director Georgia Tech
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Bigger, faster stronger is a great buzzword, but to get while preventing injuries takes a bit more. In this video series, Coach Ciano of Georgia Tech covers the basics of their strength program.

Strength Overview

Coach Ciano covers the philosophy that Georgia Tech uses to help build strong athletes and prevent injuries.

Strength Program Design

Starting with the factors that you can't control (holidays, school events and such), Coach Ciano lays out the method he uses to design a strength program.

Strength Program: Day by Day

Each day of the week has a different schedule that is set to meet your programs goals. Here you'll see video of many of the exercises used to build strong athletes (that stay healthy).

Strength Program: FRIDAY

Most people look at Friday as the last day of the week, but it's also a great day to get strong, big and fast.