Weight Training for Strength

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Tony Kunczewski of LaGrange College covers multiple aspects of a strength program and gives you ideas that any high school coach can incorporate into their program.

Overcoming Hurdles

College and High School strength coaches have many of the same general problems.

How To Build Strength

Teach great technique, great speed then worryvabout how much weight is on the bar.

Programing Your Strength Regimen

Here's the meat of this strength program that will help make your life easier and make your athletes stronger.

More Strength Tidbits

Increasing weight for athletes who are at a different point in their strength, competitive games to play and other tidbits to get more from your strength program.

Why Do Strength

You need to know why you're using your strength program or you won't know how to improve from where you are. Here's some "why" discussion.