Tennis Instructional Video

Coach discusses the different ways of winning more matches without hitting winners each time.

If you want kids to enjoy tennis, don't over do it and treat boys and girls differently! It's more important to have fun at first than it is to teach and analy

Quick Start tennis is designed to help younger players learn and enjoy tennis by making age appropriate adjustments to the playing area and equipment.

Billy Pate, Head Tennis Coach at the University of Alabama discusses and demonstrates Doubles Strategy and Positioning during this tennis clinic.

Tennis Coach Keith Swindoll loves it when young players really begin to enjoy the game.

Tips and drills for feeding the ball are covered in this tennis series at the University of Alabama Tennis Clinic.

When there's more tennis players than court space, you need drills and exercises that will keep all of the players active and moving.

Doubles is a different animal for tennis players and requires a different attitude and methods.

Tennis Coach Ed Krass Founder and Director of the College Tennis Academy is ready to take your game to a whole new level.

In reality, every tennis match and every tennis drill works on mental toughness.

Coaching tennis is one of the greatest coaching challenges that exists at the high school level.

Tennis requires a great deal of physical strength, skill, and strategy - just as football, basketball, and other sports do.

Tennis Anyone? Well, then this video series is for you! Coach Keith Swindoll, Tennis Pro and former college Tennis Coach, demonstrates the skills and strategies

Joc Simmons, Director of Tennis at the Huntsville Tennis Center, started playing at the junior level.

In this Tennis video series, Bob Patterson of Racquetmaxx explains why "Playing with a customized racket is not just for the Pros.

In this tennis video series, Tennis Coach Boo Mason discusses fundamentals for beginners, including grips and swing techniques.