Tennis: Doubles Strategy

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Billy Pate, Head Tennis Coach at the University of Alabama discusses and demonstrates Doubles Strategy and Positioning during this tennis clinic. Starting with some of the basics of the doubles strategy and continuing through communication, this series offers some simple, but effective doubles instructions to assist coaches in creating successful players.

Tennis: Doubles Strategy - Positioning Basics

Coach begins this tennis clinic session by discussing positioning during doubles. The segment includes demonstrations on proper positioning as well as the problems with incorrect positioning.

Tennis: Doubles Strategy - Flowing with the Ball

This tennis segment provides instruction on "flowing with the ball." In doubles it's essential for partners to learn how to flow with the ball rather than remaining stationary, but while continuing to work as a team. Good instruction tips and demonstrations.

Tennis: Doubles Strategy - Communication

Doubles partners need to be talking to each other continuously, communicating position, calling the tennis ball, etc. It's especially essential in tennis doubles because the player at the net can't continuously see his partner. Coach ends this series with discussions of hitting angles and shots that, again, require the partners to flow with the ball.