Coaching Tennis: Coaching Basics and Practice Drills

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Maybe you've been coaching tennis for years. Then again, maybe you've been drafted to coach a team even though you've never picked up a racket in your life. The bottom-line is you have a responsibility to provide the best learning experience possible for your athletes. This video series can help you do just that! Find out what you as Coach bring to the team regardless of your level of experience. Get practical tips for building your Tennis Team. Learn specific drills that you can use during tennis practice, from Forehand and Volley Drills to Target Drills and the "Rope Zone." You can even learn what to say when you don't have anything to say - for instance, when coaching during the change-over. Get the point? There's a lot to learn here! (By the way, the player who controls the points wins the match. You'll learn that here too!)

Coaching Tennis: The Coach's Role

Whether you are an experienced tennis coach or new to coaching, you are the key to a successful tennis team! What's the coach's role in matches? What tennis drills are best for players? What the heck am I doing coaching tennis? You've got questions. Coach Pate has answers.

Coaching Tennis: The Drill

You know the drill: repetition, repetition, repetition. Coach gives us the basics of tennis drills during practice and shares a drill that focuses on shot depth and net clearance. With any drill the keys are focus and intensity. So focus intensely on this video.

Coaching Tennis: Tips for the High School Tennis Coach 1

How do you turn a bunch of eager tennis players into a team? Here are some practical strategies a coach can use to build a tennis team that performs well and provides a positive sporting experience for players.

Coaching Tennis: Tips for the High School Tennis Coach 2

Thought you could build a tennis team in one easy video? Not! Here are some useful and humorous suggestions for coaching during the change-over, handling try-outs, and budgeting. (Okay, so the budgeting part isn't humorous, but money is no laughing matter.)

Coaching Tennis: Practice Drills

Feeding? Garbage Cans? The Rope Zone? Confused? Don't be! Coach will explain it. Learn how to feed balls properly during practice drills and pick up some specific drills you can use with your tennis team. Like the Double Ball Feed Drill. This drill focuses on the forehand and can include up to 6 players. Target Drills and the Rope Zone are two more drills you can use to improve your team's performance.

Coaching Tennis: Forehand and Volley Drills

The tennis drills in this sequence are designed to improve the forehand and volley. "Hitting through the Alley" goes back to the basics of footwork, balance, and shoulder rotation. Then, using a feed or toss and a butterfly net (yes, a butterfly net) help your players improve their volley skills. (Okay, you can use a fishing net if you want.)

Coaching Tennis: The Toss Drill

The Toss Drill works best with no more than 3 players at one time. This tennis drill allows a coach to get specific with individual players on those skills that need fine-tuning. Of course, it's not enough to have the skills. You have to have the strength. Strength training, especially core strength, and learning to "step-in" to the shot will allow players to Load and Explode during matches.

Coaching Tennis: Drills, Drills, Drills!

Tennis matches are won by forcing your opponent to make mistakes while making few mistakes yourself. The Approach Volley Drill, Approach Pass Drill, and No Winners Drill demonstrated here help your Tennis Team acquire the skills to control the points in a match. The one who controls the points wins the game. This is one time when it's good to be a control freak!