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Coach Hackett demonstrates the some of the volleyball drills and skills she uses to build her teams and take them to the championship level.

volleyball drills and skills: Overhead Passing

Demonstrates the correct way to use overhead passing (volleyball).

Meet the Coach: Valeria Hackett

Coach Valeria Hackett - Head Volleyball Coach for Oak Mountain High School (volleyball).

volleyball drills and skills: Hand Grips For Passing

The fist-in-fist grip, hand-in-hand grip, and a clasp grip (volleyball).

volleyball drills and skills: Overhead Passing

Forearm and overhead techniques (volleyball).

Volleyball Strategy: Base Defense

Learn the type of defense to use when the opposite team has the ball. This video helps players with passing and digging the ball too. (volleyball)

volleyball drills and skills: Rolling

Watch this technique for getting the ball close to the floor (volleyball).

Volleyball Skills: Serving

Tells what serving is and demonstrates the correct form for serving the ball (volleyball).

Volleyball Skills: Areas to Serve

A detailed numbering system for serving the ball (volleyball).

Volleyball Skills: Hitting and Footwork

Shows correct body positioning and footwork for hitting (volleyball).

Volleyball Drills: Serving

Demonstrates the types of serves with descriptions of each serve (volleyball).

Volleyball Skills: Digging

How to dig a hard driving ball and how to position yourself (volleyball).

Volleyball Skills: Forearm Passing Position

Positioning yourself for a forearm pass (volleyball).

Volleyball Drill: Three-Person-Passing

Drill for practicing game-like passing (volleyball).

Volleyball Drills: Hitting

A drill for hitting the ball and a number system for what type of hit to use (volleyball).

Volleyball Skills: Setting

Skill-work and foot-work for setting are demonstrated in this clip (volleyball).

Volleyball Drills: Setting

Two drills for partner tossing and more advanced setting drills (volleyball).

Volleyball Positions: Setting

Coach hackett shows the position for a player to be in when setting the ball (volleyball).

Volleyball Skills: Blocking

Coach Hackett shows the proper body positioning for blocking (volleyball).

Volleyball Drills: Blocking

Learn how to move into the right position to block a ball (volleyball).