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MyCoachOnline Cool PicMyCoachOnline was launched in 1998 by Randy Cook (a high school coach) and Wayne Cook (a geek....my resume if you need anything) to help me (Wayne) coach my girls softball teams.

Randy would show me drills and I filmed them with my new digital video camera and soon, I was sharing those drills with my fellow youth league coaches. I learned how to set my mac up as a web server and before long my fellow coaches were watching the video via the internet...at the time it was VERY cool because IF you could find internet video it was the size of a postage stamp and probably something you couldn't share with your Church friends!

Soon, we realized we had coaches at every level (youth league, high school and college) from all over the world visiting and we decided to expand MyCoachOnline by adding more coaches and new sports. We quickly learned that new content and helping our members use the content we had were our lifeblood and we developed our Stranglehold Content Management System to help us manage our new video.

MyCoachOnline Cool PicRecognition began pouring in. MyCoachOnline was featured in Walt Mossburg's Wall Stret Journal online column, picked by Apple Computer as a "QuickTime Hot Pick" website and talked about in numerous other online and print articles and discussions.

Today, you'll find multiple sports, new video offerings and team websites that help you train, organize and communicate with your team all right here....without advertisements or obnoxious sales pitches for things you don't need.

As free video websites have come and gone, we have stayed the course we committed to in 1998 and have been able to thrive, grow and improve. That course in a nutshell is:
1. High quality video that works
2. Top coaches covering topics they love
3. Easy contact information...my cell phone is 205.587.2665
4. Up front business dealings...we don't re-bill automatically and guarantee satisfaction
5. No agenda to push...we give you information, you decide how to use it

Sometimes we don't do as well in some areas as we would like, but we are constantly evaluating ourselves against the commitments above and working towards insuring they are met.

Thanks for your time and I hope you decide to join or share this website with your friends and fellow coaches.

Wayne Cook