Baseball Pitching Checklist

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Pitching is a complex process with many steps to get the right delivery each and every time. Coach Lane gives us a checklist to use as we teach our baseball pitchers proper pitching form and technique.

Baseball Pitching Checklist

Gunside L -arm position. Alignment - once gunsd L is rotation on a straight line Use lower body to rotate, quicker in lower body rotation the faster the pitch

Baseball Pitching: Front Foot

Front foot - proper placement The glove - turn into the glove Head behind belly button

Baseball Pitching: Arm Back

Where is your pitchers hand when he is pitching the baseball for the different pitches? Coach Lane gives instruction you should pass on to your baseball team.

Arm Path and Angle

Baseball is a game about angles and your pitcher starts it off with the his arm path as he pitches the baseball.

The "T" Zone

The "T" zone is a way for your pitcher to place himself on the mound to get the best pitching angles to put the baseball where it needs to be.

Position on the Rubber

Where should your pitcher start on the rubber. It's 24 inches wide and the plate is just 17 inches so where the pitch starts from is the first big decision to make.

Baseball Pitching: Helpful Drills

Drills are how your pitcher teaches muscle memory to develop the consistency he needs to do a great job.