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Head Baseball Coach Birmingham-Southern College
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"Unless we learn how to do things together we are just going to be spinning our wheels." ~ Jan Weisberg, Head Baseball Coach, Birmingham Southern College. This video series of team building baseball drills isn't just for baseball coaches. Anyone who is a Coach or leader, whether in sports or in any capacity, will benefit from this clinic on Team Building. Coach Weisberg talks about what it takes to form uniquely talented individuals into a successful whole.

Team Building: Communication Part One

Beginning from day one with athletes the first goal is build a team. Everything else revolves around that. But where do you start? Coach Weisberg starts by defining the five most important aspects of success, beginning with Communication.

Team Building: Communication Part Two

Communication is a skill. It can be taught and it can be learned. Here Coach shares the importance of clear, focused communication on and off the field. From praise to encouragement to criticism, Coach offers tips to help you communicate with your athletes and your athletes communicate with each other.

Team Building: Communication Part Three

Too often Coaches see communication as a one way street. They tell athletes what to do and they do it. That may be necessary at times, but getting the feedback of your players will greatly improve success on the field. It will also give players a sense of ownership of the game. Open, honest communication will result in the emergence of natural leaders for your team. Learn some fun and innovatiive ways to teach this give and take to your athletes in this video.

Team Building: Trust

Trust is about knowing the other person is going to be where they need to be when you need them to be there - whether it is a time of success or failure. Trust allows players to demonstrate their commitment to their team and their teammates. It's essential to success on and off the baseball field. Coach discusses why in this video segment.

Team Building: Responsibility

Not a lot of rules but you should develop your team so they know how to deal with reality and don't make excuses.

Team Building: Caring and Pride

Caring is a big part of what sports is about. Coaches to players and teammate to teammate. Caring takes lots of different forms and Coach discusses why it is essential to building a strong team. If you care, then you want to have pride in your performance. "Pride is our personal signature." The pride athletes demonstrate in their team and performance is the first indicator to opponents of the strength of a team. Coach shares his insights into instilling pride in athletes.

Team Building: On the Field Tools Part One

Here we learn several techniques for team building on the field while also honing specific baseball skills. Ground balls. Hit and Run. Pressure Executions. Baseball Practice is the perfect place for team building.

Team Building: On the Field Tools Part Two

In this video segment you'll find ideas for team building that are easy and that will fit into your program on or off the field. Conditioning games. Visualization. Player Bios. Report Cards. Here are several ways to build a strong team.

Team Building: Game Goals

Game goals give players something to sink their teeth into, as well as keeping everyone on the same page. Goals foster communication and keep players focused on the success of the team as a whole.

Team Building: Handling Anxiety

When things get tough on the field it usually means things are moving fast. Sometimes too fast. To help players handle anxiety you have to help them slow down. Coach offers a great exercise for teaching teamwork and control that teaches athletes to recognize the power of slowing down and working together.