Core Training: Incorporating Strength and Speed into a Safe Practice Warm-Up

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Tristan Tillette of Elite Sports Performance gives a hands-on, non-stop clinic session as he leads athletes through an incredible Warm-Up to maximize performance and minimize the risk of injury. Recognizing that no sport is simply a two-dimension, linear experience, Coach Tillette incorporates a number of drill variations into practice to work muscles in a 360 degree environment. The athletes feel the difference immediately and continue the multiple drill progression that go from stretching and flexibility to firing up the muscles for speed and strength drills. This warm-up will work for athletes in any sport.

CORE Training and Tissue Quality

According to Coach, it's best to think of Core training as C.O.R.E. Training....correcting the overused responders to exercise. Core Training is a "hot topic" , but everyine defines it differently. Coach summarizes Core Training in this video and take athletes through drills for the abs, hips, and middle of the body. These drills can be used to determine muscle over-use, mis-use, and tissue quality in athletes.

Stretching and Flexibility

When the are hamstrings too tight and the hips are too tight then the hip hurts. What kinds of drills can we do to other than the traditional two dimensional drills? Afterall, sports are three dimensional. This drill progression leads athletes through a 360 degree warm-up.

Turning the Muscles On

Time to get those muscles turned on. These drills take athletes from stretching to action. These drills also help reduce the risk of injury. Then coach moves on to speed and running specific drills for a well-rounded warm-up.

Dynamic Warm-Up

Now that the right muscles are turned on, it's time to move to the more active part of the warm-up. Coach discusses the practice progression over the first several weeks of practice using these active warm-up drills. A progression of Squats including the Cross-Over and Side Squat, Coach progresses to a full body squat for a maximum warm-up.

The Speed Series: Part One

Time to speed things up. Coach picks up the pace to see how fast these athletes can fire and set goals for improvement. These drills are a combination of body control, speed, and strength. These aren't just drills, they help a coach assess various strengths and weakness of athletes so individual targets can be met.

The Speed Series: Part Two

More practice drills to teach athletes how to improve performance and decrease the risk of injury. A one-step, then two-step, then finally a triple-step drill really works on speed and strength.

The Speed Series: Part Three

This video starts with a cone drill, commonly known as Lean, Fall, and Run, but with variation to more effectively focus on stopping safely when at the peek of speed. Working for linear and lateral speed, Coach throws in some starting variations for skill development.

Body Weight Circuit

The number one predictor of speed in any athlete is strength to body weight ratio. In this video, Coach works the Body Weight Circuit. The goal is to train athletes to be more dynamic and more athletic, which means managing their strength to body weight ratio. Then it's the big finish....Squat Jumps!