Baseball Catching Fundamentals

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Assistant Baseball Coach Auburn University
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Your catcher needs to have the fundamental catching skills to keep the offense at bay and get the outs your baseball team needs. This catching fundamental series covers baseball drills to develop catchers and also covers catching fundamental skills and common catching mistakes.

The Complete Catcher

Coach Matt Heath of Auburn University goes over what makes a Complete Catcher, including game management, knowing the pitchers, and utilizing the signs that make a difference for every game and every player.

Blocking Techniques and Body Position

What is good form when it comes to a catcher blocking the ball? Coach Matt Heath from Auburn University goes over the fundamentals of the hand/eye blocking technique, as well as a review of what a catcher's correct body position is on the field.

Common Blocking Mistakes

Is tucking your chin or turning your shoulder the right way to block a ball? Coach Matt Heath takes you inside the most common blocking mistakes that players of all ages make, and shows you how to correct them.

Dry and Live Drills

Matt Heath of Auburn University reviews dry and live catching drills that will help your player develop the confidence they need on the field, including the Block and Recover, 3 Ball Blocks, and more!

Recieving Fundamentals

Auburn's Matt Heath takes the coaches through the strike zone, learning specifics about receiving techniques as well as the differences between framing and funneling.

The Walk Up

After covering the importance of good glove position, Coach Heath takes the coaches through a few more drills, including The Bare-Hand, The Triangle, and his personal favorite, The Walk Up.