Setting Game Goals

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Your baseball team needs to be focused on it's offensive and defensive objectives in order to come out on the high side of a scoring match. You as a coach must set realistic game goals then work in practice to teach your team to meet those goals.

The Big Picture

Knowing the big picture about your team important as you set the tone for your season.

Game Goals

Setting the goals is great but you have to learn HOW to set the goals for both your offense and your defense.


This sounds simple, but you want to get all the freebies you can and you want to give up as few freebies as you possibly can. The freebie difference is an important number for you to know.

Defensive Goals

Setting your defensive goals helps you get more outs and allow fewer runs.

Offensive Goals

To make sure your batters know what to do, you have to give them a game plan and part of that game plan is knowing what a "good" hit is.