Baseball: Fundamental Skills and Footwork

Rick Davis all by Rick Davis

Head Baseball Coach Hoover High School
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Covering fundamental skills before the season starts is a great way to get your baseball team sharp before our official practice dates. You can do these baseball drills as a team so that when practice starts for real, everyone is ready to work.

Fundamental Conditioning

Squeezed on time in practice? Coach Rick Davis of Hoover High Schools shows you some of the infielder and outfielder drills that can help the players develop their skills even without a ball.

Outfielder Conditioning

These quick and effective drills cover the basic footwork that any outfielder is going to need to master, and best of all, they can be done at home and without a ball! Rick Davis of Hoover High School covers some of the drills that his kids use such as the Do or Die, Misjudge, Approach and Freeze, and more!

Catcher Conditioning

It's all about the footwork when you are running the dry drills seen in this clip! Get your players to practice these quick drills at home in order to master the footwork needed to be a successful and accurate catcher. Drills include the how to's on bunting, what to do for a pitchout, and many more.

Infielder Conditioning

No matter what infield position you play or coach, the same drills can be used to make sure you know how to get to and get rid of the ball efficiently. Coach Rick Davis talks about common mistakes and shows you the tools to correct them with these easy to do drills that every infield player needs.

Base Footwork

Every player has to know how to get around the bag to make the plays, so Coach Rick Davis shows you the best ways to maneuver the base no matter what comes your way.

Bag Footwork

Your man at first base must have good footwork and this video covers some of the necessary footwork to get outs and even ideas on how the man at first base will NEVER pull off the bag when making a catch.