Basketball Ball Handling and Shooting Skills and Drills

Larry Harbin all by Larry Harbin

Head Basketball Coach and Assistant Football Coach John Carroll Catholic High School
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Coach Larry Harbin, Head Basketball Coach at John Carroll Catholic High School, starts with the fundamentals in this basketball video series. From the basics of handling the basketball to the finer aspects of passing, catching, and shooting, many of these drills can be performed in the gym or the driveway. Learn proper shooting form, including how to hold the ball and the essentials of balance and body position. Then, use these drills to put that knowledge into action! From fun to intense, these basketball drills offer something for athletes at every level.

Basketball Handling Skills: Individual and Dribbling Drills

From the "Figure Eight" to the "Spiderman" athletes can practice these basic Basketball Handling Drills in the gym or the drive-way. Practiced often, these drills will sharpen ball handling skills. Next up: Dribbling Drills! Speed Dribble, Angle Dribble, and Change of Pace drills get athletes and the basketball moving.

Basketball Shooting Skills: Fundamentals and Form Shooting

Coach Harbin demonstrates proper hand and arm placement for shooting the basketball. It's the BEEF of a good shot: Balance. Eyes. Elbow. Follow-through. These Form Shooting Drills will help your athletes develop essential shooting techniques.

Basketball Shooting Skills: The Mikan Drill

"This is the best close-in basketball drill you can do," says Coach Harbin. The Mikan Drill is a Figure 8, Lay-Up using the right hand and left hand. As with any drill remember: Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.

Basketball Shooting Skills: The Lay-up Drill

Learn the correct technique for a Lay-Up with the right or left hand, including hand, arm, and foot position. Then use this Lay-Up Drill to put knowledge into action.

Basketball Shooting Skills: The Bank Shot Drill

"The Bank Shot is an easy shot in basketball from 6 feet to 12 feet." But, easy doesn't mean players get to skip practicing the shot. In this Bank Shot Drill, athletes shoot right, then left, then swap sides.

Basketball Shooting Skills: The Jab & Go Drill

The Jab & Go Drill simulates guarding a player on the perimeter. Variations of this basketball drill include attention to dribbling technique, checking the pivot foot to avoid a penalty, the jump stop, and regaining balance in order to take the shot.

Basketball Shooting Skills: Intensive Individual Drills and The "Around-The-World"

Ready for a workout? This is it. This Intensive Individual Drill starts with one minute of a specific skills combination of Lay-Ups and Jump Shots followed by a minute of Free Throws. Then, you guessed it: Repetition. Intense is right! Then it's time for a cool down: The Around-The-World is a "fun" drill for the end of practice, giving athletes the opportunity to enjoy shooting the basket.

Basketball Shooting Skills: Partner Shooting and "Shooting the 3's"

What's Partner Shooting? It's a great drill for the gym or drive-way. Athletes might even be able to talk their parents into doing this one. Shoot the ball. Follow the shot. Shoot until you make it. Then, locate your partner. Jab and V-cut back to the ball. "Shooting the 3's" is just that - taking 3-point shots from various angles. You have to miss 2 in a row before handing over the ball to your partner.

Basketball Skills: Catching and Passing Drills

Coach covers the proper technique for passing the basketball. But, when the ball is passed, someone has to catch it! These basketball drills strengthen passing and catching skills and demonstrate how these skills impact shooting the ball successfully. As Coach says, often in basketball, "the quality of the the pass equals the quality of the shot."