Basketball Defensive Skills and Drills

Robert Moore all by Robert Moore

Head Basketball Coach Brookstone School
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Thanks to the Jeff Lebo Auburn Basketball Camp for this video skills series. Each video contains a different fast paced drill. These are great drills for young athletes to learn basketball skills, speed, and endurance.

Basketball Defensive Skills - One

From the Jeff Lebo Basketball Camp Coach Robert Moore takes these athletes through basketball defensive drills. It's two dribbles to the rim while under the gun.

Basketball Defensive Skills - Two

Basketball defensive drills continue with one on one to the half court and back. the feet and ball are flying in this drill.

Basketball Defensive Skills - Three

Again with one on one, this drill is not about blocking the shot, but boxing out the shooter. Another fast paced drill. Break down with high hands ready for the drive!

Basketball Defensive Skills - Four

Worn out yet? Break down on the drive, then cut him off!

Basketball Defensive Skills - Five

This basketball drill has players on the wings and involves passing the basketball while communicating with team mates.