Coaching Basketball: Effective Strategies On and Off the Court

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Jimmy Tillette, Head Basketball Coach at Samford University, knows the art of coaching. Tillette served as assistant coach at Mississippi State, then at Tulane, before settling in at Samford. Coach Tillette is the only coach in Samford history to record consecutive 20-win seasons and has twice led the Bulldogs to NCAA Tournaments. In this basketball video series, Coach Tillette shares his philosophy on leadership, learning, and game play. Along the way, he covers specific offensive plays and strategies and even a few basketball drills that have helped him build a winning team.

Establishing a System of Play

What's the "best" system of play? Ha! Gotcha! There is no ONE that's best.! The program a Coach institutes is based on the context of the team itself. Know your athletes. Know your opponents. Know your game. Then, establish your system of play.

Instituting A System of Play - Purpose and Principle

Athletes will "follow" a Coach who gives them a reason and a way. Instituting a system of play is more than drawing X's and O's on a board and telling kids to "do it." It's an exercise in Leadership. In these next few videos, Coach Tillette shares much more than just the "how-to's" of coaching basketball. A great series for anyone who works with youth or young adults.

Instituting A System of Play - Learning and Listening

The last three "Laws of Learning" are covered in this session. But once you lay down the law, how does a Coach get athletes to listen? Coach Tillette shares insight on what it takes to have athletes listen to, and trust, their Coach.

Instituting A System of Play - Awareness and Adaptation

You've established the goal. You've given your athletes the resources to get there. Are you done? No way! The Coach's job is just beginning! This video explains the necessity of awareness and adaptation in any system of play.

Five Characteristics of a Successful Coach

From innovation to involvement and more. Coaching is an art that takes knowledge and skill. Coach Tillette wraps up this Coaching Philosophy session by discussing the characteristics of a successful leader.

Basketball Strategy: The "Last Second" Play

You've heard Coach Tillette's strategy for creating a successful system of play. Now it's time to put the basketball in motion! This Last Second Play uses tricky trajectory on the pass to throw the defense off balance.

Basketball Strategy: Counter Plays

First up: a Counter to the Spin play. One, three, and five start away with four to the elbows. Screen the middle man in the zone and pass for the lay-up. If the Press is on, you'll find some smooth moves here for the Counter Play.

Basketball Strategy: Counter Plays

Do your athletes know the "sub-act" - the subsequent action, that is. What do you do when your first option is not possible? These Counter Plays are full of options to keep your team in motion.

Basketball Strategy: Press Offense and Zone Play

Athletes have to be able to look to pass WHILE dribbling to run the Press Offense successfully. Using a 1-3-1 set up against all presses, Coach draws out the moves in this video - ending with a "Bang" in the Zone.

Basketball Strategy: Zone Play

Catch - Look - Pass. Duck - Cut - Flare. This Zone action is fast paced! From the best time to feed the ball inside, to screening in the middle of the zone, this video offers slick strategies for the floor.

Basketball Drill: Eliminating Turnovers

What is the Prime Directive? Don't Turn the Ball Over! After running this basketball practice drill, your athletes will get the message ......and keep the ball.

Basketball Strategy: Running Offense - Part One

ABC. SOS. NBA. Coach explains those acronyms and his basketball offensive strategy in this session. His primary strategy: "It's not the quickness of the players, it's the speed of the offense."

Basketball Strategy: Running Offense - Part Two

Don't give the defense time to recover. Start quick. Stop fast. Cut hard! This offensive strategy relies on toughness and communication.

Coaching Basketball: Rules of the Team

The rules you set for your athletes need to be as crystal clear as the rules of the game. Coach Tillette wraps up his basketball clinic session by laying out the rules his sthletes must abide by in order to be successful - on and off the court.