Skills, Drills, & Plays for the Match-Up Defense

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Recently named as a Consultant to the Commissioner for Women's Basketball in the Southeastern Conference, Coach Joe Ciampi knows basketball. Ciampi coached at the collegiate level for 27 years, 25 of which were spent leading the Auburn University Women's Basketball Team. During his years at Auburn, Coach Ciampi led the Auburn Women to 16 NCAA Tournaments, 10 Sweet Sixteens, 6 Elite Eights and 3 Final Fours. In this video series, "Captain Hook" lays out the basketball defensive strategy he used to take Auburn to the top. This Match-Up Defense is designed to Delay, Disrupt, Deflect, and Disguise. The Match-Up Defense is a "take charge" defense - no sitting back and waiting for the offense to call the shots here. Coach Ciampi goes through the "rules" of the Match-Up for the each player in various game situations. Sharing coaching philosophy and techniques, hard & fast plays, and basketball practice drills, Coach shows you how to build a defense that makes the rules!

Basketball's Match-up Defense: Fundamentals

Coach Ciampi gives an overview of the Match-Up Defense Strategy in this first basketball video. The strengths of the Match-Up Defense? Pressure on the ball. Minimize second chance points. Take away the inside passing lanes. "Non-shooters" get a shot with the basketball. It's an aggressive defense that drives the action with a team centered approach to play.

Coaching the Match-Up Defense in Basketball

Every Coach has a different approach. This approach has proven to be a winner. Coach Ciampi outlines the first 2 weeks for new-comers to this basketball offense, including specific basketball drills and skills to coaching philosophy.

Basketball Match-Up Defense: The Set Up

Coach runs his basketball defense out of a 1-1-3 set. With screens inside and outside and a passion for rebounds, this basketball defense begins with the up-guard's pick-up on the makes and misses of the shot.

Basketball Match-Up Defense: The Rules

The Match-Up Defense finds its strength in specifically defined rules of play. This video covers rules for the pass point to the wing. With basketball drills designed to emphasize the "job" of each player's position, this coaching approach teaches athletes that success is a team effort.

Basketball Match-Up Defense: The "Fire" Play

The Match-Up Defense in Basketball is designed to Delay, Disrupt, Deflect, and Disguise. The "Fire" Play is about disruption. Coach Ciampi explains the specific game situations that call for the "Fire" - a strategy that looks to set up the steal. Whether a dribble or pass, this defense seeks to attack the ball, and, of course, win the game.

The Four "D's" of the Basketball Match-Up Defense Strategy

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: The Match-Up Defense seeks to delay, deflect, disrupt, and disguise. Coach discusses use of the defensive Time-Out, the Trap Play, and more as he explains the four "D's" of the Match-Up Defense.

The Basketball Match-Up Defense: Rules for Passing into the Post

They don't call him Captain Hook for nothing! Whenever rules exist, they are broken. Here Coach touches on the player's accountability to the "job" and to the team. The defensive response to Passing into the Post begins with a ball to the inside scenario and the guard closest to the elbow doubling down. We expect it to end with a defensive play well done.

The Basketball Match-Up Defense: Dribble Rules

Crush and Rotate. Sounds a bit aggressive, don't you think? Yes! That's because this is a "take charge" defense. There's no sitting back and waiting for the offense to call the shots. These rules set the action on a wing and a dribble.

The Basketball Match-Up Defense: Rebound Rules and the Skip Pass

The Rebound Rules are simple. Hit and go to the basketball outside the paint. Hit and hold the basketball when you have 2 feet in the paint. Coach fills in the details of rebounding, including rules for covering the skip pass. Make sure you don't skip or pass on the basketball practice drills Coach shares in this video!

Basketball Drills: Covering the Skip Pass

Each player on the team has a job to do. The Coach expects you to do it. You've been given the rules. Now you ned to fine-tune your skills. These basketball practice drills focus on the role of each athlete in covering the skip pass.

The Basketball Match-Up Defense: The Hand-Off Rule, The Shooter Rule, and Defensive Philosophy

As always, the rules for the Hand-Off and for Shooting are well-defined by Coach Ciampi. In this video he spells them out and shares coaching philosophy that supports this aggressive, pro-active basketball defense. Coach even throws in the "Quarter Trick" as a way of demonstrating to new players the value of creating the action rather than "re-acting" on the court.

The Basketball Match-Up Defense: Perimeter Rules and Basketball Practice Drills

Take two slides and two slides only! Because you have to keep the inside passing lanes covered! These Basketball Practice Drills will give you the tools you need to bring the rules home! The "Coach controls the practice." So, take charge now!