Basketball: Shooting Skills

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Science Hill High School
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These young athletes are working on shooting skills in this session from the Jeff Lebo Basketball Camp. Beginning with drills specific to form shooting, the players progress to 3 Pointers, Shot Fakes, and more. Screen Drills are also included in this basketball series.

Basketball Shooting Skills - Form Shooting

This video segment focuses on form shooting by beginning with a simple basketball shooting drill. The drill then progresses to 3 pointers, shot fake, rip to 2, and a lay up. The drill can be modified for use without the basket itself to allow the whole team to perform these form drill at the same time.

Basketball Shooting Skills - Screens

In this basketball segment Coach takes players through screen drills. Though this is an individual skills drill, Coach incorporates good communication for a successful play. The video concludes with work on the flare drill. The movement never stops for these athletes!