Coaching Basketball Strategy: Out of Bounds Plays

Tony Duckworth all by Tony Duckworth

Head Coach Men's Basketball, Huntingdon College
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Tony Duckworth, Head Men's Basketball Coach at Huntingdon College, gives this basketball "Chalk Talk" on Out of Bounds Plays. These simple, yet effective basketball plays against both the Zone and Man-to-Man, begin on the slap of the ball and end with the score!

Out of Bounds Underneath v. the Zone

Coach draws the X's and O's for this simple, yet effective basketball play. With the Guard's slap of the ball, the action starts. Then it's a bounce pass for a 3 to 4 foot shot at the basket.

Out of Bounds Underneath v. Man-to-Man

This basketball play called "Screen the Screener" is run in a variety of ways at the collegiate level. It's an opportunity for an easy lay-up for the less experienced youth team. Coach calls it "fun." We call it "2 points!"