Basketball Passing Drills

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Starting with passing fundamentals and moving to more complex skills with the "Michigan Break", "Tennessee" and "Cherokee" drills plus the "Five-Man-Weave". Using the skills in this video you can get an entire basketball practice planned out.

Passing Fundamentals

One handed basketball passing and skip passing the basketball are fundamental skills every basketball player needs to know. Here are those fundamentals and some basketball drills to burn them into memory.

Moving To Complex

Complex drills to teach a skill help insure game day performance. The "Michigan Break Drill" and "Tennessee Drill" are demonstrated to reinforce passing, dribbling, communication and shooting skills.

More Complex Drills

"Cherokee Drill" is a complex drill that requires every player on the court to understand what they need to do still working on passing and communication skills as a team.

Five Man Weave

"Five Man Weave" is a series of "pass and go behind" moves down the court and can be adapted to a 3 man weave also. This drill works on dribbling, passing, shooting, defending and rebounding.