Coaching Basketball: Plays for a Zone Offense

Kevin Tubbs all by Kevin Tubbs

Head Basketball Coach Mountain Brook High School
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If you want to pick where your offense shoots the ball and who on your offense shoots the ball....this is the series for you! This basketball series covers 3 plays, continuous screens and inbounds plays from the baseline and side.

Coaching Basketball: 3 Plays

Starting with a standard looking 1-3-1 basketball offense, we can create a vacuum in the defense that gives your team a shot and chance to score.

Basketball Play 2

This basketball play starts with the same 1-3-1 look and uses misdirection to get your post player into position to shoot the basketball.

Basketball Power Play

This play is designed to drive the ball to the inside and get a shot using brute force to jam the basketball to the inside of the paint after you've set it up using the previous basketball plays.

Continuous Screens

Sometimes nothing is better than setting screens down the court to get your shooter in position to score a basket.

Short Corner High Post

You're set up in a short corner, high post look and you've got to create some confusion in the defense to score your basket.

Offense Vs Triangle and 2

One more simple offense you can use to change your look using ball screens to move your basketball players into shooting position.

Basketball Inbounds Plays

No series would be complete without some mention of favorite inbounds plays. Coach Tubbs covers some of his favorite inbounds plays from the baseline and the side line.