Coaching Basketball: Offensive Philosophy For The Post and Perimeter

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Youth Director Shades Mountain Baptist Church
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Rick Swing, youth basketball coach and former professional basketball player, discusses offensive philosophy for Post and Perimeter Play. This series includes specific basketball coaching strategies and simple drills for both areas. Great series for youth coaches, parents, and athletes!

Basketball Offensive Philosophy: The Post and the Perimeter

As a coach, there are three things that you want to ensure your players understand about offensive play. Coach Swing discusses these fundamentals of basketball offense and why they are so essential to successful game play.

Basketball Offensive Philosophy: The Post

In the Post area the player is always catching the basketball with his back to the basket. Coach discusses the three things Post players MUST do to maximize shooting and scoring potential. The Post action is then demonstrated in a simple basketball drill for the Post.

Basketball Offensive Philosophy: The Perimeter

Unlike the Post, in the Perimeter the player is usually 15 to 20 feet away and facing the basket. The key to playing the Perimeter successfully is in moving without the basketball and receiving the ball in a Triple Threat position. Coach discusses and demonstrates effective Perimeter play, then leads players through the Pistol Pete Drill to bring the point home.