Coaching Basketball Offense Plays and The Sequential Play Strategy

Gregg Marshall all by Gregg Marshall

Head Basketball Coach Wichita State University
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Gregg Marshall, Head Basketball Coach at Winthrop University, draws the X's and O's through a number of offensive plays designed to get the basketball to the rim. With Lob Plays and Lay-Ups, Coach shows the strategy that has helped him lead his team to five NCAA tournament appearances. Relying on sequential play rather than signals or verbal cues, Coach Marshall shares the fundamentals on teaching players to follow an offensive strategy and adapt to the unexpected. His approach makes for a "hard to scout" basketball offense that leaves opponents one step behind - on the court and on the scoreboard.

Basketball Offense:The BC

The BC is a basketball continuation play that starts on the flight of the ball. A screen in the middle of the zone, two passes, and the ball is in the paint! But, just in case you can't get inside, Coach goes over the flash options that will gives your players another chance to make the shot.

Basketball Offense: The Philly

Coach wraps up The BC and begins the Red Series. The Red series is run out of a 1-3-1 set. First up in this series: The Philly. The play begins with a dribble in, short pass, then a hand-off . There's lots of action before a final flash to the paint to receive the ball for the shot.

Basketball Offense: The Middle, The Stay, The Comeback, The Over

Stay. Comeback. Over. Sound confusing? That's just what the offense intends. Continuing the Red Series out of the 1-3-1 set these plays are designed so that players share the action and the shot. Using the hand-off, fake screen, pass fake, and other basketball techniques, this series gives players countless options to make the shot.

Basketball Offense: The Away, The Away Three, The Carolina

The Away, The Away Three, and The Carolina are Lob Plays run out of a 1-2-2 set. The Away begins with a pass to the right. With a reverse and a fade screen, the player gets the lob shot. Away Three lets the 3 man start the action. The Carolina, a Lob Play out of a split set, lets the 3 man get the lob shot.

Basketball Offense: The Tarhill and The Power Play

The Tarhill, last of the lob plays in this series, is run just like the Carolina, but to the opposite side. The "Power 11" begins Coach's "Teen Series". With a hard post the play is set. A pass to the 3 man just below the top of the key and you're in.

Basketball Offense: The Power Play Continued

Continuing with Power 13, 14, and 15, Coach Marshall draws the X's and O'x for this basketball offensive strategy. Brush screens, head-hunting screens, even fake screens set the tone for these plays. It's a set-up for a lay-up.....and it works!

Basketball Offense: The Option Play

Option "15" is about misdirection - keeping the defense off guard. With a quick "L" cut and a screen, the defense is left out of the action. Option "16" is an isolation play - going for the quick clear out. The shooter catches the basketball, rakes it through, and goes for the basket.

Basketball Offense: The Jumper and The Iowa

The "Jumper" is always run left to right. With a stagger screen to the top, keep the defense reeling. The Iowa calls for the 3 man to really sell it while moving hard to the corner. Double ball screen.... Back screen..... Then, the best shooter coming off a down screen. You screen. I screen. We all screen for...never mind. (That was going to be a really bad pun.)

Basketball Offense: The Russell and The Oklahoma

Russell Left or Russell Right - both of these plays begin on the pass of the basketball. Well, actually, one of those passes is a fake - but the play is real! Oklahoma (the basketball play, not the musical) can be run right or left. The 3 man makes a run for it - all the way to the dead corner. Screens for screeners and a basket for the offense - what a deal!

Basketball Offense: The 15 Slip and The "31"

Always starting on the left, the 15 slip sets up for the lob shot. But, if your man's not open, you can kick it for the jump shot. The basic UCLA high-low offense sets up the "31". The set up leads to a jumper or a drive...and a score for the offense.

Basketball Offense: The Three Series

Back screens with the 5 man in the hole. Double down screen. Clear-out. Ball reversal. Shuffle cut. Grip and rip the basketball. This series of plays has a number of options to maximize opportunities to make the shot by getting the shooter to through backdoor.

Basketball Offense: The Four Series

The Texas and the Flash are two of the plays drawn here. The Texas is a base continuation play run out of the 1-4 high set. The Flash starts with a pass to a wing player, then a flash into position for the lay-up.

Basketball Offense: The 40 Flash Fist

The 40 Flash Fist (try to say that 3 times fast) is full of action. This basketball play looks for a backdoor and a lay-up to score. Through. Up. Backdoor. Lay-up. Clear-out - the defense that is...bye, bye.