Coaching Basketball Fundamentals: Shooting Basics and Drills

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Where's the BEEF?! At the Jeff Lebo Individual Basketball Camp at Auburn University, of course. Coach Albert Weeden of Tri-Cities High School (Atlanta, Georgia) coaches on the fundamentals of shooting: Balance, Eyes, Elbows, and Follow-Through. These basketball drills are great for improving footwork and shot technique. Bank Shots, Jump Shots, the Shot Fake, and proper Dribbling technique to avoid the steal are all here!

Basketball Shooting Basics and Drills

Basketball Shooting Basics start out this video set. Footwork, arm position, and follow-through are a few of the fundamental basketball skills covered here. Whether you're coaching basketball or just want to improve your shot technique, these basics and simple chair drills will give you a great shot at success.

Basketball Shooting Skills: Jump Shots and the Shot Fake

You've got some of the basics down, now it's time to step up the pace. Or is it? Jump shots and the shot fake, including dribbling techniques for avoiding the steal take center court in this basketball skills video.