Strength and Conditioning

Chris Boyko all by Chris Boyko

Strength and Conditioning Coach University of Massachusetts
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Coach Boyko covers the basics of strength, conditioning and nutrition for your athletes.

Past Problems

Chris Boyko talks about the sport demanding strength and endurance and conditioning requires a look into past problems. (basketball strength and conditioning)

Avoiding Injury

Making players better athletes and avoiding injury. (basketball strength and conditioning)

Player Conditioning

Conditioning players through aerobic and anaerobic training. (basketball strength and conditioning)

Important Factors

Chris Boyko talks about the important factors for strength training:  focusing on strength, core strength, maintaining explosiveness, and balance. (basketball strength and conditioning)

Proper Nutrition

This video puts emphasis on the importance of proper nutrition for players to maintain their strength. (basketball strength and conditioning)

Strength and Conditiong

(basketball strength and conditioning)