Coaching Basketball: Developing a Successful Offensive Strategy

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Head Basketball Coach University of Arkansas
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In March of 2001, Sports Illustrated featured "five college coaches waiting in the wings." One of those coaches was Stan Heath. Heath is currently head basketball coach at the University of Arkansas. Under Heath's guidance, Arkansas has seen continuous improvement in their numbers in just about every aspect of the game. In this basketball clinic presentation, Coach Heath discusses the development of a successful offensive strategy. Having a successful strategy on paper is one thing, but in this basketball video series, Coach provides the plays and drills to help you and your team bring that strategy to the court.

Basketball Strategy: Developing an Offensive Strategy

"Keep it simple," advises Coach Heath as he discusses his team's offensive development. In this introductory video, Coach explains how he developed the current offensive strategy he uses at the University of Arkansas.

Basketball Offensive Strategy: Basic Points for any Offense

Whatever offense you run, make sure it's predicated on your players' strengths. Coach discusses this, as well as other key offensive elements in this segment. There's also a Turnover Drill to teach your athletes to protect the ball...another key to good offense.

Basketball Strategy: Phases of Offense - Blitz/Break

The Blitz-Break is the first phase of offensive play. It's an early, aggressive attack taking the ball and pushing it at the defense. Coach draws the plays to demonstrate the action necessary to get the ball out quickly.

Basketball Strategy: Phases of Offense - Early Offense

It's hard to separate the Early Offense phase from the Blitz-Break. Together they occur within the first 10 seconds of play. But there are specific strategies in those few seconds. Coach offers a "3 on 2 plus 1" basketball drill that he uses to condition his players for these crucial seconds.

Basketball Strategy: Phases of Offense - Motion (1)

There are lots of different motion offenses you can run. Coach Heath discusses the three types of Motion Offense he uses at the University of Arkansas in this video segment.

Basketball Strategy: Phases of Offense - Motion (2)

It's "Read and React" for players in the regular Five Man Motion Offense. Keep the basketball and the players out of the corners. Coach draws out the action of the regular Motion and offers a good basketball drill for teaching Motion Offense: the "Two v. Two with Coach" Drill.

Basketball Strategy: Phases of Offense - Late Clock

Coach discusses several different offensive strategies for the Late Clock phase: Flat Ball Screen, Two Man, and Isolation. The Isolation play shown here is a way to quickly get the basketball to the player you want.

Basketball Strategy: Motion Offense - Pairs

Pairs is a good Motion Offense if you have good Post players. Coach Heath discusses the strengths of the Pairs Motion Offense and gives a great basketball drill for teaching Pairs: "Two on Two with Coach".

Basketball Strategy: Motion Offense - Triangles

The Triangle Motion Offense is almost like a Flex Offense, but with more freedom to cut into areas that you may not usually cut into with true Flex action. Coach shows the play variations used in Triangle Motion while discussing it's strengths.

Basketball Strategy: Offensive Warm-up Drills

Here are some drills to help Post players learn to move their feet. working on driving, spacing, I cuts, and more, these drills get players used to moving. Coach also draws out some play variations for the early Offense in this segment.

Basketball Strategy: Offensive Play - Dead Ball Situations (1)

Whether it's a time-out or a foul, Dead Ball situations call for entries in the offense. Entries should be quick - trying tot make something happen. Coach offers a great "late in the game" play with multiple scoring options coming off of a Dead Ball situtation.

Basketball Strategy: Offensive Play - Dead Ball Situations (2)

Here are two simple plays that are successful in dead Ball situations. These plays are designed to score quickly and keep the defense confused.

Basketball Strategy: Offensive Play - Special Situations (1)

You know what they are. Late in the game. Time's running out. Your Offense has to have something prepared to in case there are no time-outs left. Here are two plays for just those situations.

Basketball Strategy: Offensive Play - Special Situations (2)

In this late game play, the key to scoring is in the angle of the screen. This is a "hard to guard" play with two options for scoring - and you go through the whole play to the score in just 4 or 5 seconds!

Basketball Strategy: Overview of a Successful Offense

Coach wraps up his clinic talk with an overview of the essential elements of a successful offense and advice on a practice organization that truly prepares the offense for real game play.