Basketball Strategy: Team Defensive Concepts

Andrew Theokas all by Andrew Theokas

Assistant Coach University of Massachusetts
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Starting with philosophy, Basketball Coach Theokas moves to guarding screens and then to questions from the audience as he covers Team Defensive Concepts.

Team Defense

Coach Theokas discusses specific situations that need to be addressed to win games and the U Mass scouting philosophy (basketball team defensive concepts)

Hedge and Go Over The Top Trap

Aggressive, can stop the dribbler if you want to turn people over. Cons - Gets you spread out, puts your big man on a island susceptible to screen and flare. Coaching points - "Touch the Hip", "Show your numbers", "Make yourself Skinny" (basketball team defensive concepts)

Belly Up And Go Under The Screen "Four Behind"

Pros - Contain the Ball, Eliminate Screen and Flare, Not many can hit the shot off of the dribble. Cons - End of game situations can get passive. Coaching Points - Do not get "rolled into" by post, do not let the guard "play" you back and forth, contest all shots. (basketball team defensive concepts)

Switch Screen And Roll

Pros - Good to use to eliminate three point shot, can confuse offense. Cons - Leads to mismatches. Coaching Points - switch aggressively, stay down in your stance, look for chances to switch back (basketball team defensive concepts)

Screen And Roll Drill

Basketball team defensive concepts

Green Defense

basketball team defensive concepts


Player does not use the screen and comes back off of the pick and roll, do you do anything special to force them into the screen? (basketball team defensive concepts)