Basketball Basics

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Head Girls Basketball Coach Homewood High School
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This is from a clinic put on for a youth basketball program by Coach Spurlock at Homewood High School and covers some of the drills and techniques you can use to help your basketball players develop movement.

Adding a Defender

This drill takes the skills of the previous drills and moves the ball through a simulated defense to the shot.

Movement Drills

Moving down the court, dribbling, pivoting and guarding against a simulated defender.

Athlete Development

How an athlete develops is an important part of youth league programs and in this series Coach Spurlock covers some of the milestones of developing athletes.

Warm Up Drills

This drill is a great drill to help warm up and build coordination. Head, Stomach, Knees; Palm Buster; Palm-2-Palm; Pendulum; Figure 8 no dribble and more.