Basketball: The Press

Marty Smith all by Marty Smith

Head Basketball Coach John Carroll Catholic High School
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The press is an effective weapon for any basketball team, and Head Basketball Coach Marty Smith of John Carroll Catholic High School covers some basketball drills that will help your basketball team master the press.

Calling Time Out

A time out isn't just for the end of the basketball game, it can be an effective tool to use to gain the mental edge over the other basketball team.

Getting The Basketball

Your basketball players have to be able to jump to reach the basketball at it's highest point, then they need to know which end of the court to throw the basketball to.

Drills For The Press

What is your style and tempo of basketball? Coach Smith covers his style and why he likes what he teaches his basketball players.

Speed and Recovery

This basketball drill teaches a basketball player to recover and get himself in front of the ball.

Tandem Trap

This three person basketball drill teaches two defenders to trap the dribbler.

The Shell Drill?

Coach Smith covers the shell drill with the press and calls it the Box, DIamond, Box this drill teaches the basketball players to funnel everything toward the corner.

Working The Angles

This is a once per week drill to help your basketball players work the angles on the court.

The Flip Drill

You'll use a lot of your basketball players in this drill and the athletes who perform get rewarded with the pride of shooting the basketball.

Loose Ball Drill

This is another once per week drill using the full court with your basketball players going 1 v 1, 2 v 2 and 4 v 4.

5 Minute Drill

This drill helps your basketball team work together and discover what character really is.

The Mental Side

The mentality of the game is the edge that you're all looking for and you've got to teach your team to turn their own mistakes into victories.