Coaching Basketball: The Zone Offense - Plays, Strategies, and Endless Options!

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"You better get #25 out of the game. He's killing you. Love, Mom," read the note sent to Coach Jack Robertson during a championship game. Talk about a Coach who understands the pressures of the profession! Coach Robertson, Head Basketball Coach at Faulkner State Community College, began his coaching career at the high school level before heading to college athletics. In 32 seasons with the Faulkner Sun Chiefs, he's guided the team to 637 wins, two state championships, and 10 Southern Division championship wins. In this series, Coach shares his plays, strategies, and practice tips for the Zone Offense. With lots of ball movement and endless formations and play variations, the Zone Offense works! The key is timing and attention. Players need to be quick - but, don't rush! You can rush, however, to watch this video series!!

Basketball Zone Offense - Introduction

"There are a million ways to coach basketball, and they are all right," according to Coach Robertson. With humor and experience Coach introduces his Zone Offensive Strategy. With lots of ball movement and endless options, the Zone works. Coach begins his play run through with a two guard front and a "must make" pass.

Basketball Zone Offense: Playing Against the One-Three-One

"Dribble right at him!" The Point HAS to make the wing man take him. Set the pick. Flash. Leave the defense wondering where you came from! That's the beauty of playing behind the Zone: the defense can't see you coming!

Basketball Zone Offense: Timing and Attention

"Sometimes against the Zone, you get in too big of a hurry," says Coach Robertson. A Coach has to teach his athletes to be quick, but to be patient. These plays touch on the importance of timing and attention on the floor.

Basketball Zone Offense: Play Variations and Simple Strategies

When you run a Zone Offense, all five players have to handle the ball. That can be an advantage or disadvantage - depending on the skills of your athletes. Coach offers some simple plays with multiple variations so your athletes can use different skills to effect the same outcome - a winning score!

Basketball Zone Offense: Coaching Strategies

Flashes. Passes. Skips. Breaks. There are so many options that there are times when the Zone is almost like the Fast Break. What are the key points a coach needs to ensure athletes understand to be successful with this offense? Watch and find out. (Well, you didn't really think I would just tell you, did you?!)

Basketball Zone Offense: Stacks and Practice Tips

Imagine the looks on the faces of the defenders when your athletes line up on the baseline to begin the play! Maybe you'd rather stack them all on one side. Same offense, different look. Coach discusses the flexibility of this offense and shares his practice routine: "Everything, everyday"

Basketball Zone Offense: Play Formations and Variations

A Flash. A Dribble. A Bounce. He's wide open! The formations for running the Zone Offense seem endless. Run to either side. Stack on either side. But you may have to "Skip the Corner" if the defense catches on. Coach will tell you how in this video.

Basketball Zone Offense: Getting the Quick Shot

Want a quick shot of of this play? Then forget the pass to the wing and go to the other side with a skip pass. Maybe you'd rather just run the point guard through. That works too! Coach draws the X's and O'x on the many formations that will give you a quick and easy shot with this offense.